Moving down to Hampshire 14 years ago to become a farmers wife I was always on the look out for something different to do, to buy, to investigate. It drives my husband mad that I can’t just walk down a high street and buy a hook, door knob or chest of drawers. It has to be different, have a story, come from afar, be something that no one has seen or come across before.

When I was given the opportunity to develop the barn I jumped at the chance – not a huge space but one with great scope and one that I can use all my creativity and knowledge to bring all that I love to this pop up barn on the farm.

I thrive on trying my hand at new things in fact I rarely sit still! My favorite things are entertaining, meeting up with friends, learning new skills as well as improving on old ones. Creating welcoming environments, pottering in the garden, antiques hunting, furniture finding, adventuring and crafting with the children and walking around the farm.

This all culminates in this website and space – a place where I can bring all that I enjoy to you and hope that you will find something that you find exciting, new and different, be it a product to buy, a course to do or just something that will make your day a bit different.